Technology Kits

You can now borrow technology kits from the Main Library for three weeks. These kits make it fun and easy to explore coding and electronics projects.

To Borrow

To borrow a kit speak to staff at the upstairs desk and they will retrieve the kit for you.

There is a limit of one kit at a time per card.

Kits must be returned to the Main Library.

A note book with technology themed doodles in black ink, with STEM written in large colourful letters

  • Makey Makey

    Makey Makey lets you design your own controller with everyday objects like playdough or fruit. Control your favourite Scratch game while you learn to code.

    Borrow Makey Makey

  • Snap Circuits

    Snap Circuits make it fun and easy to learn about electronics. Pieces snap together to create fun objects such as radios, flashlights, doorbells, and more!

    Borrow Snap Circuits

    Please note that Snap Circuits cannot be returned through the outdoor book drop; the Snap Circuits kit must be returned inside the Main Library.

  • Little Robot Friends

    Little Robot Friends are more than just adorable companions for learning code and electronics, they engage creativity and imagination while helping new concepts stick.

    Borrow Little Robot Friends