A shelf of books with the caption 'placing holds'

Placing Holds


Patrons with a valid Milton Public Library card may reserve items for pick-up at any location. This is referred to as placing an item on “hold.” You can place holds in your account through our website or new mobile app.

When the item is available, you will receive an email or phone notification, depending on your chosen preference. 

eBook users have three days to download their hold. An automatic borrowing option that checks out the copy as soon as it becomes available is available for eBook users.

  1. Please ensure you have a valid email address linked to your account.
  2. To avoid a $1 fine, collect or cancel your hold before the pickup date.
  3. You can hold up to 50 items at one time. All holds will automatically expire after two years.

icon of clockExpired Holds

Patrons are charged $1 in cases they are unable to collect their holds on or before the pickup date. To avoid $1 fine, collect or cancel your hold before the pickup date.

icon of calendarCancel Holds

  1. Canceling a hold deletes your request for the item and removes you from your position in the waiting list.
  2. The action of canceling a hold can't be undone.
  3. You can cancel a hold at any time - when you are on the waiting list, when the hold is in transit, or when the hold is available for pickup.
  4. When your hold is ready for pickup, you have seven days to pick it up or cancel it. If you're not going to be able to pick up your hold, you must cancel it before 9:00 p.m. on the expiry date to avoid the Holds Not Picked Up fine.

icon for freezing holdsFreeze Holds

  1. Setting a hold to freeze is a way to tell the library you don't want it delivered yet, even if a copy is available.
  2. Holds can only be frozen when they are in your "Hold" list. Once a hold is in transit or ready for pickup, you no longer have the option to freeze it.
  3. You will keep moving up on the waiting list during the time your hold is on freeze.
  4. You will not lose your place in line and you will continue to move up on the waiting list during the time your hold is frozen.

icon of person with a listManage Holds

You can manage your holds through “My Account.” In your Hold List, select the hold you want to manage.

A screenshot of a patron's account with two holds

Don't miss your holds

  1. When one of your holds is ready for pickup, the library will notify you by email or telephone
  2. You can manage your notification settings online or speak to staff at your branch
  3. A $1.00 fine will be charged for every hold that you do not pick up or cancel before the expiry date