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Thank you to each and every Milton youth who participated in the 2021 Summer Reading Club challenge. Together, you read 874,405 minutes!

We will be emailing all prize winners individually by Friday, September 10th with instructions on how to claim your rewards.

Until next year, keep reading and be inspired!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Summer Reading Club/Beanstack App Frequently Asked Questions:

    I only have one child that wants to register for Summer Reading Club, should I just register them as an individual?

    Milton Public Library (MPL) plans to continue using Beanstack after the summer months, offering a variety of challenges year-round to all age groups. If there is more than one person in your house that may wish to participate in a reading challenge at some point in the future, we strongly encourage you to register as a family. If you register as an individual now, and someone else from your house tries to register down the road, they will have difficulty doing so, as Beanstack will note that a registered user has the same information (e.g. phone number, postal code, etc.

    Where do I access the books to read?

    There are no books available within the Beanstack app. Children & Teens are invited to read anything they wish, at any time, and simply track the time they spend reading.

    We don’t have any books at home; what can we read?

    MPL patrons are welcome to reserve items on the library’s website. There are also thousands of e-books available through our website. We encourage you to check out Hoopla, Cloud Library & Tumblebooks.

    Why are the pictures in the Beanstack App grey?

    All of the virtual badges will appear grey in colour until the participant has earned them. Once they are earned/unlocked, they will change colour.

    I logged some reading time but the reading badge is still grey...

    You must meet the required time to unlock each reading badge. For example, you must read 60 minutes before you unlock a reading badge in the Preschool Summer Reading Club and 120 minutes in the School Age Challenge.

    How do I log my reading, using a Desktop computer?

    Select the reader (child) you want to track the reading for. Click on the “logging badges” tab. Select the first grey badge available. Record the time you spent reading, in minutes.

    How do I log my reading, using the mobile app?

    Click on the plus (+) sign, and select “reading”. Select the reader (child) you want to track the reading for. You can scan the ISBN on the book or manually add the information. If you scan the ISBN, it will ask you to start the reading session or log past reading. Select the latter if you have already read all or some of the book. Answer the rest of the questions and click “finish”.

    What do I do when I have met the completion requirements for the challenge?

    Wow! Well done! We hope you will keep reading but you have earned the final tracking badge for this challenge. You can however, earn more badges/tickets by completing some of the Activity Challenges by participating in some of MPL's summer programs. 

    How do I redeem the tickets I have earned?

    Sign in to Beanstack using a desktop computer. Click on the “ticket drawings” tab to view the prizes that are available. At the top of the page, it will tell you have many tickets you have to spend. You can decide which prize(s) you most want to win, and put your tickets towards those drawings.

    How will we know if we won?

    The Summer Reading Clubs are open until August 29th. Library staff will contact all prize winners, via email, by Friday, September 10th. You will be able to pick the items up at a pre-arranged date/time and library location.

    I’m trying to add more tickets to one of the prizes I really want to win but it says that I have entered the maximum amount, even though I have more tickets to spend. What does this mean?

    Some of the prizes will only allow you to put a certain amount of tickets towards them. However, there are lots of prizes with no maximums.

    Someone told me the Summer Reading Club was available in different languages, but all I see if English. Can you help?

    The Summer Reading Clubs available in 100+ different languages. This feature is only available when accessing the program(s) on a desktop computer. Look for the “select language” button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

    I completed an activity challenge that requires a secret code to unlock the badge, but I never received the secret code.

    If you attend a virtual program, the secret code(s) will be given to participants after the program ends (either while online, or via email). If you participate in a self-directed activity (e.g. checking out the beehives or the Storywalk) you can follow the directions noted with the badge to send us an email. We will make sure you receive your secret code. When in doubt, please reach out to us via email at 

    My youngest child said they didn’t want to join when I registered their sibling earlier this summer, but they have changed their mind. Is it too late?

    It's never too late for reading! You can add new readers to your account at any time. You can register for the challenge right up until the last day!

    What it we don’t meet the completion requirements?

    That’s OK. You can read as much, or as little as you wish. You will still earn badges and tickets. 

    I have registered my five year old for the Preschool Summer Reading Club but they can’t read very well on their own. Is it OK if I read to them?

    Absolutely! You can register children 0-5 years for our Preschool Summer Reading Club because we know that reading to your child is a very important thing to do! Just track the minutes you spend reading to them.


MPL also has Summer Reading Club for Teens! You can find out more about that HERE

Have questions? Let us know by emailing us at

2021 Summer Reading Club on Beanstack

It’s the Summer Reading Club app that lets you do it all! From June 19- August 29, log your summer reading to earn tickets which you can use to enter into draws for great prizes. Complete additional activities to earn extra tickets, and more chances to win! And, for the first time ever, earn tons of badges for your accomplishments. We challenge you to try and collect them all! 

Choose from one of the clubs below, based on how old you are when Summer Reading Club starts.

The Preschool Summer Reading Club (Ages 0-5)

Your goal is to read for 10 hours from June 19-August 29. That equals about 1 hour per week.

Prizes include: 100 piece Picasso Tiles set, Learning Resources Coding Critter set, Moonlite reading pack, $50 gift card card for Indigo, and more!

The School-Aged Summer Reading Club (Ages 6-12)

Your goal is to read for 20 hours from June 19-August 29. That equals about 2 hours per week.

Prizes include: Nintendo Switch, Asus Chromebook, Xbox One S 1TB All-Digital Edition Console, Fitbit Ace 2, Lego sets, Go Pro Hero7 Bundle and more!

Getting Started with Beanstack:

  1. Visit your app store to download the Beanstack Tracker App to your smart phone or device, OR visit to use the browser version.
  2. Register yourself for an account. If more than one person in your household is registering for a summer reading club program (we have three age groups to choose from), create one account for the whole family and add multiple readers. (TIP: make sure you look for Milton Public Library, Ontario. We’re the one with the bee logo)
  3. Select your Summer Reading Club challenge, based on your age.

Logging Badges:

  1. You’ll earn a badge for every 1-2 hours of reading you log…we challenge you to earn them all!
  2. Each time you earn a Logging Badge, you’ll receive tickets that you can use to enter into the prize draws…reach your reading goal, and we’ll send you even more tickets! The more you read, the more chances you have to win an awesome prize at the end of the summer. 

Activity Badges:

Want to earn extra tickets? Complete Activity Challenges by participating in some of the amazing programs we have to offer. You’ll have fun, and learn lots too! At the end of the program you will receive a special code which you can use to unlock the appropriate badge(s)!

Spending Tickets:

1. Log in to your Beanstack account on a desktop computer.

2. Open the "ticket drawings" tab. 

3. At the top of the page, you will see how many tickets you have earned. Below that is the list of prizes available this year. Click on the "add tickets" button beside the prizes you want to win! Please note that some prizes have a maximum (e.g. you can only put 5 tickets towards them) while others do not. 

4. Make sure you spend all of your tickets before the end of the day on Sunday, August 29th! 

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Beanstack logo on a computer screen and mobile device

Join us for the TD Summer Reading Club StoryWalk®

Enjoy reading a story outside as you stroll along from one page to the next!

Featuring The Thing Lou Couldn’t Do, written and illustrated by Ashley Spires. Used by permission of Kids Can Press Ltd., Toronto. Text and illustrations © 2017 Ashley Spires.

MPL, in partnership with the TD Summer Reading Club and the Town of Milton, is pleased to announce the first StoryWalk® ever for summer 2021!

A StoryWalk® is a fun, socially distanced activity that places a children’s book, page by page, on laminated poster boards along a path or in a park. Kids and their families have the opportunity to enjoy reading a book while strolling through their community. Families can visit the StoryWalk® at a time that is convenient to them (no need to pre-book). Just head to the park, enjoy a walk together, and share this story together while you walk. 

This StoryWalk® is open now and ready for visitors. It will be available all summer long at 805 Santa Maria Blvd. Members of our Preschool and/or School-Age Summer Reading Clubs, will be able to earn a special activity badge (and more tickets for our Grand Prize Draws) by visiting this year's StoryWalk®. While you're reading the story, look for the activity code posted on one of the StoryWalk® signs (hint:it might be on the back). Use the code on the Beanstack app to unlock the StoryWalk®  badge.

While enjoying the StoryWalk® you may notice some QR codes on the backs of some of the signs. These are part of MPL's gaming app, Quest Milton. Quest Milton is a free app that allows you to collect digital tokens throughout the Town of Milton. Once you have enough tokens you can exchange them for rewards or chances to win great prizes. While enjoying the StoryWalk® you can use the Quest Milton app to scan the QR codes and unlock loads of bonus tokens. Learn more here

TD Summer Reading Club Logo
Cover of the book used in Storywalk