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The MPL Bee

The MPL bee is at the heart of our brand, but how did the bee come to be?

Coming to fruition through a play on our “Be Inspired” tagline, the bee has become an important symbol for Milton Public Library. It symbolizes the library as a “hive”, a community, a collective and a healthy, organic place for inspiration and collaboration.

Much like a colony of bees, MPL fosters a collaborative environment and offers a safe space to the community to 

Read. Learn. Create. Connect.

Beaty Branch Beehives

Beaty Branch Beehive Viewing Area

MPL has partnered with Humble Bee, a full-service apiary with a focus on sustainable urban honey production and education. Beehives were installed at Beaty branch in August 2020 and we are thrilled to offer 'Bee-ty' branch honey for sale from our first harvest this Fall. A limited batch of 130 ml pots of honey will available for sale for $10 each at Beaty Branch beginning October 7th.

Third Moon Brewing is a local small business that shares MPL's commitment to the community and giving back through fundraising initiatives. MPL has collaborated with Third Moon Brewing to create ‘The Stinger,’ which was brewed with a pot of Beaty branch honey. Available now through Third Moon Brewing.

Honey Harvesting

Coming Soon!