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Book Reviews: Weeks 5 to 6

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Reviews from Week Six

Blood rose rebellion

Blood Rose Rebellion by Rosalyn Eves

Blood Rose Rebellion Series, Book 1

Ann Arden is from a rich family, but living in a world where magic wielding Luminates hold power, she feels left out. you see, her family is all Luminates, but she is Barren. Born without power, she is sent to Hungary to live with her distant cousins after a scandal that could prove dangerous. There, she meets many people, and joins the uprising against the Circle, the group of powerful Luminates that controls society. Personally, I didn't enjoy this book as much as I thought I would. From reading the summary, I thought that the main character would be strong, brave, and with a strong sense of right and wrong. She turned out to be a bit shallow, and sensitive. Also, it literally took her half the book to decide whether she should join the rebellion or not. Some of the parts of the story seemed so slow going. I would give this book a 4/10.— Review by TT200206

Salt and stone

Salt and Stone by Victoria Scott

After making it through the jungle and desert, Tella must face the ocean and snowy mountains. But she has now realized that she has been too dependent on her friends, especially on Guy, she now tries to become more independent. Salt and Stone was AMAZING and I really hope that Victora Scott makes a 3rd book for the series.— Review by BookLover74

Everybody sees the ants

Everybody Sees the Ants by A. S. King

This is the second book I've read by King and she has not disappointed me. I really appreciate King's perspective on real life issues. You can't help but empathize with the main character, Lucky. His struggles are struggles each one of us can face at any point in our life, like dealing with jerks, wanting to find an escape from life, wanting to just have everything normal. This is an amazing book and now is one of my favourites!— Review by maryam162424

Still life with tornado

Still Life With Tornado by A. S. King

This was a tremendous book that dealt with many issues in a very real way. There were many times that I found myself relating to Sarah and the way she felt about things in her life. I think this book has such an important message and that everyone should read it. The magical realism aspect of this book was well adjusted as well, it wasn't too random nor was it too weird. An all around amazing book!— Review by maryam162424

The sacred lies of Minnow Bly

The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly by Stephanie Oakes

This book had me at the edge of my seat the whole time. I was always interested while I was reading this book. Not only does Oakes make you question about everything you know, but she makes you think about what have you chosen to believe as an individual. I loved how this book showed how many people can be influenced easily, told what to think and how to act, disabling them from thinking for themselves. The message of this book was amazing and the people of the Community really caught my attention as well. This is an amazingly written book, please try reading it!— Review by maryam162424

Okay for now

Okay For Now by Gary Schmidt

This book is simply amazing. One of my favourites now. It's the most beautiful, heartbreaking, touching, moving book ever. I loved Doug's voice, I loved the way he thought of life, and I loved his growth as a character. This book is about living life, surviving when everything is wrong. And it shows it perfectly.— Review by maryam162424

The best school year ever

The Best School Year Ever by Barbara Robinson

This book is amazing and lots of fun!! However there are also bad things in this book like they smoke cigars, lie, and burn stuff. The Herdman's kids are the new students in Woodrow Wilson Elementary school. They do outrageous pranks to their teachers and otherstudents. Even though they're bad, they have something good in them after all.— Review by BigNateJ4

My autosaurus will win!

My Autosaurus Will Win! by Geronimo Stilton

Cavemice Series, Book 10

Very funny.— Review by Kesian12

Judy Moody and the not bummer summer

Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer by Megan McDonald

It was a really funny book.— Review by Julia L.

Demigods and magicians

Demigods and Magicians by Rick Riordan

A really good book, I would definitely read it again.— Review by Umaizing_Ali


Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Divergent Series, Book 2

What a sequel! Action-packed, mysterious... We get to watch as Tris slowly uncovers the mysteries behind the Erudite attacks, trying to build an army and find allies to defend the Dauntless and Abnegation survivors. The startling truth behind the true purpose of factions and the city is revealed, but with the truth, especially this truth, comes mayhem.— Review by literary-licorice


Finally by Wendy Mass

Willow Falls Series, Book 2

Rory learns that getting older isn't as fun as she thought. She sees the struggles of growing up as she completes everything on her "When I'm 12" checklist.— Review by Umaizing_Ali

Fish in a tree

Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Ally shows that great things do happen to those who wait. She was patient and determined and that made her the smartest kid in her class.— Review by Umaizing_Ali

The witches

The Witches by Roald Dahl

A fun and entertaining read, that will keep readers wondering what will happen next.— Review by Umaizing_Ali

The picture of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Fascinating story about greed and corruption of innocence. The ending was definitely well deserved, although it does leave the reader wanting more details (in a really good cliffhanger sort of way). If you're into classics/Oscar Wilde and other authours like that, i recommend!!— Review by zdawgggg

Reviews from Week Five

Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J. K. Rowling

Harry Potter Series, Book 1

This is a great book! I have recommended it to many of my friends and I fell in love with it!— Review by Potterhead

The diabolic

The Diabolic by S. J. Kincaid

Nemesis knew that as a Diabolic, she had been genetically fashioned, and raised for one purpose; to kill and protect the Galactic senator's daughter, Sidonia von Imperyean. So when the Emperor calls Sidonia to his fortress to punish her for her father's misdeeds, Nemesis goes in her place. There, living amongst corrupt politicians and royals, Nemesis must hide who she is, in order to stay alive. She must learn that there is something stronger than her deadly force. Something she's been told she doesn't have; humanity. I would rate this book a 10/10. It was really well written, and the plot well thought out.— Review by TT200206

Fire and flood

Fire and Flood by Victoria Scott

Tella was a girl from Boston who loved shopping, makeup, and anything glittery. But when Tella's brother, Cody, gets sick and no one knows why they move to Montana. Then Tella receives a message that says she has been invited to the Brimstone Bleed. But her parents start acting weird about it. Why don't her parents want her to go? It kept me up all night and is a real page turner.— Review by BookLover74

Harry Potter and the cursed child. Parts one and two

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Parts one and two by J. K. Rowling

Harry Potter Series

19 years later the children of the original characters have their own story to tell.— Review by Umaizing_Ali

A taste of heaven

A Taste of Heaven by Meg Tilly

Madison Stokes and Alyssa Hawkins are best friends. When Alyssa tells Madison her deepest darkest secret, Madison finds it a struggle to keep it in. Will she be able to keep the secret?— Review by Umaizing_Ali

The nameless city

The Nameless City by Faith Erin Hicks

Nameless City Series, Book 1

Situated on by a mountain pass, this city is invaluable to any nation that conquers it. Many have tried, renaming the city each time, but for the native, the city will always have no name. When Dao Soldier-in-training named Kai, and a street kid named Rat meet, they instantly dislike each other. But Kai's growing love for the city and its people, as well as Rat's growing acceptance for outsiders forges an unlikely friendship between the two. Now, Rat and Kai must work together to save the city. I would give this book an 8.5/10. It was nice and had many cool themes in it. For some reason, however, I felt that it was a tad too fast paced.— Review by TT200206

Six of crows

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Six of Crows Series, Book 1

Oh.. WOW. This book was absolutely amazing. The whole plot, characters, and setting had me captured. I finished this book in 2 days because it was that good. Leigh Bardugo really stepped up her writing and character style in this book compared to the Grisha Trilogy, as these characters had different and unique personalities with so much depth and so many flaws. The plot was exciting and it was just so cool! I really recommend this to anyone who likes to read about a lot of adventure, criminals, and a bit of romance. — Review by teamiman

Absolutely almost

Absolutely Almost by Lisa Graff

This book amazingly showed how hard life can be for a young child. Albie's thoughts really allowed me to understand the mind of a ten year old, an age my sister is close to. There were many times where I was able to connect Albie to my sister and this book really opened my mind to what my sister may be thinking as she faces similar things like Albie. I loved how the ending was simple, it was just right. The whole book was amazing and I'd recommend it to anyone!— Review by maryam162424

Saving Stevie

Saving Stevie by Eve Richardson

A great, quick read about running away and dealing with those consequences. Minto, though naive, had her heart in the right place, I knew if I was in her place at that age I would've felt the same way about her nephew going away. The characters were well developed and the author gave enough background information about all of them, allowing me to connect with them. I loved the ending here, how it was open ended, it seemed right here. Do check it out!— Review by maryam162424

Prison boy

Prison Boy by Sharon E. McKay

This book was so beautiful and it literally broke my heart. I couldn't help but cry again and again at the end. Pax's journey throughout this book made me so sad and made me think about the lives of other kids who might be suffering in the same boat. Same with little Kai. It is honestly amazing.— Review by maryam162424

Blood will tell

Blood Will Tell by April Henry

Point Last Seen Series, Book 2

Pretty good. I loved learning more about Nick's character and this book was pretty suspenseful because you don't know what would happen next.— Review by maryam162424


Scythe by Neal Shusterman

This book was simply WONDROUS!!! I loved the plot, the themes, the characters, each and every word! The writing style was amazing and the story kept me at the edge of my seat during the whole time I was reading it!!! One thing I think I can over look is the little amount of romance between Citra and Rowan. It fit pretty nicely, but for me personally, the plot was so intriguing and the events were so significant that there was no need for romance between the two. But I do see how Neal needed it to show why the two couldn't glean each other. I still love this book and recommend it to everyone!!!— Review by maryam162424

Times squared

Times Squared by Julia DeVillers

Identical twins Payton and Emma may look the same, but are VERY different. Payton is part of the drama club while Emma is in the math club. Both clubs go on a trip to New York City. There the twins meet someone from their summer camp, the evil Ashley....— Review by Umaizing_Ali

Ten rules for living with my sister

Ten Rules for Living With My Sister by Ann M. Martin

Pearl is just barely 9, while her sister, Lexie is 13. Pearl is the opposite of Lexie. Her older sister is popular, mean, easily annoyed and has friends. Pearl is unpopular, nice, can tolerate annoying people (like her sister) and is friends with only one person, a first grader....— Review by Umaizing_Ali

Dreamer, wisher, liar

Dreamer, Wisher, Liar by Charise Mericle Harper

Ash finds a jar in her basement labelled "Wishes". Inside are little pieces of paper with words written on them. Every time Ashley reads one of the papers, she is transported into the lives of a girl with the same name as her, Ashley and her best friend, Shue. She can see them but they can't see her. Ash feels happiness and sadness and sometimes jolts of pain watching two best friends fighting then making up.— Review by Umaizing_Ali

Dead Girl's Society

Dead Girls Society by Michelle Krys

This book is about a girl with cystic fibrosis, who is feeling really caged and bored with the cautious life she is living. When she gets a mysterious email invitation from a group that calls itself the society, she jumps at the chance. The Society asks that she complete a few dares with a group of other girls, and she can win 100 thousand dollars. The girl soon realizes, that there is more the Society than meets the eye, and completing the dares isn't a choice. When people start to get hurt, she knows that this game has gone too far. I would rate this book a 10/10. it was very suspenseful, and I couldn't put it down!— Review by TT200206

The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

5th Wave Series, Book 1

This was a book about the invasion of earth by an alien species, the Others. They have attacked the earth with 4 waves, leaving only pathetically small of humans left on the planet. This book is told in several perspectives, of people who are still left. I would rate this book a 10/10. Books written in multiple perspectives aren't generally something I like to read, but this book was quite a page-turner. — Review by TT200206

Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis by Greg Cox

This Comic-arc-turned-novel is a great way to understand DC's infinite crisis without spending hundereds on multiple issues to understand whats going on. It has descriptive writing that gives you background information on characters and events. Although some of the descriptions of the women characters are written from an overbearing male-perspective. Many familiar faces, such as Booster Gold, Batman, and Kid Flash, but new ones as well such as the Blue Beetle. Over all it's defiantly a 3/5 read that any DC fan would want to pick up! — Review by saf107ftw

The dinner

The Dinner by Herman Koch

Originally published in Dutch, this book may have been a bit boring at first, but you really do feel chills as you read on. The inside of the book cover describes "how far [the main characters] show how far they are prepared to go to protect those they love". And boy, do they push limits you won't ever see coming.— Review by zdawgggg

American assassin

American Assassin by Vince Flynn

I'll be completely honest. The only reason I read this book was because I saw the movie trailer and Dylan O'Brien is in it. And it did not disappoint. The main character of this book, Mitch Rapp, is almost, *almost*, like the next Jason Bourne. This book is action-packed, and just generally an awesome spy thriller.— Review by zdawgggg

The Mysterious Benedict Society

The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart

I read book as a youth, and I recently bought it from Indigo and of course I had to re-read it. Definitely one of my favourites, and would definitely recommend to any youth who is bored and craves a new flavour of books. Trust me, this band of five, super genius children saving the world will leave you wanting to read more.— Review by zdawgggg

How I came to sparkle again

How I Came to Sparkle Again by Kaya McLaren

Summary: This book contains the stories of the 3 interconnected but different people. Each of the 3 women (one is actually a young girl but nm) go through loss, and this book shows their determination in dealing with it. My Review: This book was definitely for the more older teens, because of a few mature scenes (only a few sentences acknowledging these events, lol ACOWAR had more descriptive scenes!) Anyways, this is a really cool book about dealing with heartache and persevering. There were changing POVs that I wasn't a fan of but considering this was a book with 3 stories it wasn't so bad. 9/10 stars. Would recommend for teens/adults wanting to read about small-town romances and finding yourself after heartache/loss.— Review by MidnightLily


Hitched by Carol Higgins Clark

Regan Reilly Mysteries Series

Summary: 2 detectives are getting married to each other, but a robbery in a bridal boutique leaves her dress and the dress of other brides stolen. It becomes her job to find the dresses and save the marriages of the other brides. My Review: My summary doesn't do this book any justice. I usually don't read this kind of book, mystery adult books, but I found myself with a huge batch of them on my bookshelf. The plot was great, the overall story was awesome and I loved how as the book went on the reader (me) can try to solve the mystery and basically doubt everyone. At one time during the book, I thought one of the grooms had stolen the dresses!!!! Overall, great mystery, but I wasn't a fan of the multiple changing POVs, even if they added more suspicion and suspense. 9/10 stars.— Review by MidnightLily

All the bright places

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

Very well-written and easy to get into. I became quite attached to the characters and felt as though I was wandering with them. This is definitely one of my favourite books I've read so far.— Review by Izzysoms

How to speak dolphin

How to Speak Dolphin by Ginny Rorby

This book was very touching and was sad too. The book is about a boy who has autism, but his mom died when he was young and he now lives with his older sister, Lily, and his step-dad. His step-dad thinks he doesn't have autism, so he doesn't try to help him. But Adam has a special bond with dolphins, that helps him with his autism.— Review by Husky796

Return to the Isle of the Lost

Return to the Isle of the Lost by Melissa De la Cruz

Descendants Series, Book 2

This was a really good book! It had lots of adventure and action in it!!!— Review by Husky796

Macarons at midnight

Macarons at Midnight by Suzanne Nelson

Macarons at midnight is a great book. I loved it!!!!! This book is a book lots of people can relate to. Hope you have fun reading it!— Review by Husky796


Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

Summary: This book is about Melinda, an outcast in her school, who lives her life miserably while keeping a horrid secret. My Review: I'm not sure if I should be happy because Melinda finally spoke out against her rapist, or I should be mad because of what she had to go through in the first place. As a teen of this modern century, it drives me crazy how people can be so freaking heartless and how they refuse to hold any regard for human life. All my teachers (okay only some) preach equality and love, so it is incomprehensible to me how other students / teens can be so disgusting and vile and treat other human beings so horribly. Oh well, at least Melinda's rapist was brought to light. I like this book, but I also didn't like the feelings this book evoked in me. Made me want to hunt down every bully and rapist and give them what they deserve. 7/10 stars.— Review by MidnightLily


Swoon by Nina Malkin

Swoon Series, Book 1

Summary: This book was about a girl, Dice, who moved to a new town. When her cousin falls from a tree and dies, another spirit possesses her. Dice then happens to fall in love with this ghost. She then realizes that this ghost, Sinclair, is evil and is ruining her cousin's life. She decides to get an exorcism done, despite her love for him. My Review: This book seemed like a Sarah Dessen book gone horribly wrong. I have so many problems with this book, first being that I will never get the hours I spent reading this horrid story back. As much as I love horror movies, this book was definitely not for me. Dice, the new girl, is the epitome of the kind of girl no one wants to be. She gets drunk and high, does stupid, foolish acts, and falls in love with a spirit she deems evil, which to be honest that spirit isn't actually all that evil, but is actually a gentleman. Her idea of love and evil is laughable. This book definitely didn't work for me, maybe it'll work for someone else???? Anyways, 1/10 stars.— Review by MidnightLily

The jewel

The Jewel by Amy Ewing

Summary: This book was about a world where women with specific genetic abnormalities are forced to bear the children of royals because their genetics make their children die out due to complications that occur. This book was about a girl named Violet. My Review: I'm not sure if I like this book. The story was the same iconic teen fighting the ruling government because of the injustices that are happening. To be honest I'm bored of those kinds of books so I wasn't a fan of this one either..... But I have to admit the plot itself was actually pretty interesting, the callous royal women showcased perfectly, and the helplessness of the surrogates who have to bear the children of other women and are then cast aside. And although I am a big fan of romances, I didn't particularly like Violet and Ash together. There wasn't a lot of chemistry and I think Violet was just desperate for someone's love. I would recommend this book to the people who like reading about teens fighting against the ruling government, and I would also urge these teens to protest the injustices happening right now in our world. 5/10.— Review by MidnightLily

Ask my mood ring how I feel

Ask My Mood Ring How I Feel by Diana Lopez

Erica Montenegro is having problems expressing her feelings. Sometimes she doesn't even know how she feels. She buys a mood ring and goes through a flurry with her emotions. What is it called when you're happy, sad, mad, and in love at the same time?— Review by Umaizing_Ali