2018 Teen Summer Reading Club

Your Summer Reading Challenge:

Read 8 or more books between June 23rd and August 25th for the chance to win great weekly and grand prize draws.

To qualify for the weekly prize draws: Log and review your reading accomplishments each week. If your account is active, then you're automatically entered for the chance to win.

To qualify for the grand prize draw: Complete your 8 book challenge! You'll automatically have a ballot entered into the prize draw. For every extra book you read, we'll give you an extra ballot to boost your chances at winning!  Looking for reading inspiration? Read the reviews your fellow teens have chosen to share this summer and reading recommendations from staff below.

What Can I Win?

Weekly Prizes:

Every week,  a winner will be drawn at random to pick out a book gift set of their choice (think book, booklight, and magnetic bookmarks!)

Grand Prizes:

At the end of the summer, we'll have some great prizes up for grabs. But remember, you've got to meet or exceed your reading challenge of 8 books in order to qualify. We'll award huge book-based gift baskets to two lucky winners, and the grand prize winner will receive a Kobo Aura 2.

Words hello summer

Register a screen name to sign up for the 2018 Teen Summer Reading Club.

Complete this bingo card to make your reading experience diverse! Print and drop it off at either location by August 25th to earn an extra ballot in the grand prize draw. Copies also available at either location. 

Bingo Card
A book made into a movie or a TV show Read a book from any staff list Any book of your choosing A book that features supernatural powers Read with a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate
Read outside somewhere—under a tree, by a pool, or in the sun The first book in any series of your choosing A book with more than 300 pages A magazine or newspaper article A book with one word for the title
Any book of your choosing A book set outside of Canada FREE SPACE Fantasy or Science Fiction A book based on a myth or legend
A book with a blue cover A Mystery Book A book by an author whose last name starts with the same letter as yours A Graphic Novel A book by a Canadian author
Read a book reviewed by one of your summer reading club peers A biography or biographical fiction A book with a face on the cover Historical Fiction Any book of your choosing

Need a reading recommendation? Try one from a staff generated list or see what your peers have been reading! Each week we'll post new reviews for you to check out and you can add your own any time you log a new book. Just give us a few days to get them posted! Happy Reviewing!

Staff Created Lists: Fandom Reads  |  Diverse Reads  |   Spooky Reads  |  Staff Favs  |  Teen Favs  |  Rainbow Reads  | Teen French Books 

Peer Reviews:

Read the reviews your fellow teens have chosen to share this summer.

Weekly Prizes

Prizes will be awarded for 8 weeks during the summer, beginning the week of July 2nd, 2018. Look for your screen name to see if you're a winner!

Week 1: Godzilla

Week 2: wnad1234

Week 3: literary-licorice

Week 4: TithiM

Week 5: SydneyL2004

Week 6: im a book

Week 7:

Week 8:

Grand Prizes

Summer Reading Club closes August 25th, 2018. Three grand prizes will be awarded shortly afterwards. Look for your screen name to see if you're a winner!

Kobo Aura 2 Winner:

Book Basket 1 Winner:

Book Basket 2 Winner: